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Newsletter 1 – February 2003

This is the first of what I hope will become a regular communiqué from Athol Cohen & Associates – ServiCircle.
The intention is not to bore or overwhelm you with “stuff”, but to provide you with some meaningful information and some tips and tricks. I’m optimistically going to keep it to just one page… something that you can read quickly and take advantage of the tips!

We are now authorised to resell I’m In Touch Remote Software (see Remote Access Link). This software allows access to your mail (Outlook and Outlook Express) from any web browser or web-enabled cellular phone. You can also set it to send an alert to your cell phone each time a new message arrives!

MSE Printer Supplies:
One of the finest alternate printing supplies manufacturers is now in Canada and we’re a reseller. Prices are between 10% & 20% less (in some instances, even more) than the OEM product pricing. Contact us to for pricing and product compatibility. We have available supplies for Laser Printers, MICR Toner, Inkjets and Fax Film Ribbons. Their products are fully guaranteed and as good as (if not better) than the original!

Wireless Network:
Still thinking about wiring more PC’s together to share data and that single Internet connection? Wireless networking is the answer to eliminating the need for wiring and, if you’re using a laptop computer, Taking it anywhere around your office or home. Also, you can now share files on all of the systems. Wireless Networking is now really affordable!

Norton AntiVirus:
If you’re using Norton Antivirus 2002 or 2003, you’re aware of Live Update? This is the built-in utility that goes out to the SARC (Symantec) web site and downloads virus definition updates regularly. What Live Update does not do is get program updates! You have to do this manually… Here’s how. Double click the NAV icon in the bottom right hand side of your screen (that area is called the System Tray) or double click the desktop icon, click Live Update when the screen pops up. This will locate program updates as well as any additional virus definition updates.

That’s the “page” full! Until next time, safe and frustration-free computing!