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Newsletter 10 – February 2005

Thanks for visiting,

It’s the January (February thaw)! A welcome breather from the cold and snow – and Wiarton Willy says we’re going to have an early spring. Hmmm… we’ll see!

Before I forget Barbara and I, together with some long-time friends are off to Mexico for some real sunshine and the occasional Pina Colada end of day on Friday 18th February for a week. While I’m away, I have two associates that will be available to take care of your emergency needs during that week. Both are very experienced in providing the response and quality you have come to expect from me, so feel at ease in having them assist in an emergency.

Just call my number (416) 729-1232 and leave a message. You will get a call back within an hour. If you have work that can wait, I’ll be back and available again from the 26th. Thanks for your understanding and support!

What’s been frustrating you with your computing lately? Viruses and Spyware are still high on my list of issues that I deal with frequently. Most times I’m successful in cleaning up the system – it is time consuming. On those occasions when I’m not, it requires a full backup and reinstallation of the Operating System and Applications that you run. I was (am) working on a system that has the LOP Toolbar. This site ( explains in detail what it’s all about. Even with this information at hand, I’m not optimistic I’ll get the system to go without a full reinstallation! Yuk! Please read this article… it will give you a good idea of “do’s and don’ts” (

Search Engines: Google ( is still my favourite and first choice, with Yahoo, ( and MetaCrawler ( close behind. You’ll be seeing the new MSN Search Engine on the horizon… ( for a preview. I also install the Google Toolbar available from: ( scroll down and click on the Tool Bar icon. It also includes a Pop-Up blocker.

Don’t forget about keeping your virus definitions up to date. Also your anti-virus program updates. Most virus definitions are updated automatically, not so the program updates, unless you have Grisoft AVG. From my website ( click on the Software link and then the AVG button to purchase!

We continually strive to provide greater value and business solutions to our clients. Here’s one I think you may find beneficial. If you’re in an office (real or virtual) and there are three or more of you, you might want to share calendars, contacts and/or folders (three’s the magic number). I have become an affiliate for eOutlook. This is hosted Microsoft Enterprise Exchange available via the Internet and providing the same features and functionality of having your own Exchange Server without the capital cost or maintenance associated with it. The monthly fee is $9.95US per user with a minimum of three users. Want more information – just call.

Part of our growth plans for 2005 are to provide greater value and services to our clients and help them improve their IT reliability and business continuity. We look to ensure that your Information Technology is working as efficiently as possible and that your data is safe. With this in mind we will continue to look for cost-effective ways of keeping you going and in the event of system failure, provide you with fast response to alleviating the downtime, and offering innovative IT solutions. Remember, your systems and peripherals are merely tools and aids in getting you to meeting your business goals.