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Newsletter 13 – August 2005

In this Newsletter… why it’s important to install Windows Updates, WUA and finally… a Very Good Spam Filter

It’s been three months since my last newsletter (sorry about my tardiness)! Summer’s come with a vengeance, hasn’t it? Sure beats shoveling the white stuff mind you!

Once again, I appreciate your perspective on the content of my newsletter, both good and bad. I look forward to hearing from you. Just click this feedback link and let me have your comments.

Remember what I said about Electronic Components and Heat: Hope you’re keeping cool as well as your computer systems.

Experienced any Power Failures recently. I certainly have. In fact a few. The good news for me is that I did not skip a beat when the lights all went out (in San Francisco – the song said)! I’ve recommended that you purchase a UPS (Battery Backup) to ensure that you don’t have your computer power off in the middle of working, and loose what you’ve been working on. During one of the recent power failures, I wan on a call to Los Angeles, helping my cousin work through a couple of her computer frustrations. My 1000VA APC UPS just kept me working on (not unlike the Eveready bunny)! My computer, LCD Display and USB Peripherals as well as my Siemens Gigaset telephone were all plugged into the UPS.

Use Outlook? What would happen if you lost all your email information including Contacts? Microsoft offers a PST file backup utility that’s free easily downloadable from their web site. I’ve included a link to the download area Outlook 2003 Add-in: Personal Folders Backup to ease search and navigation to their site. Click on the Download button just below the heading. Save the file and install. Don’t forget to configure the backup process and point the file save location to your “My Documents” folder. Works with Outlook 2000, Outlook XP and Outlook 2003. Of course, you will want to make a backup of all your critical data!

It you’re using Outlook Express, the backup process is a little harder (more difficult)! You will need to search for the *.dbx files as well as the *.wab files. There will be a set for each of the user accounts that you have created. Remember to look for hidden files and folders. Make copies of the data in your My Documents folder, please.

Windows Updates… it’s a good idea to install all of the Windows updates that are offered by Microsoft. These updates are released to “plug the holes” or vulnerabilities that have been exposed within the operating system. If you don’t install the updates, you leave your system with potential opening for hackers.

WUA… You might have noticed that with WIndows XP that there is a new update manager. You don’t have a choice in installation if you want to continue to receive the updates. This latest update includes a utility that allows Microsoft to check the validity of the Windows XP version you have installed using Windows Upgrade Advantage hence the acronym WGA. This is to counter the rampant piracy of software that exists. If you have an illegal copy, there are ways of upgrading economically.. ask me how.

Qurb (pronounced “curb”) is the new Spam Filter software that I’ve tested, and using and recommending. It’s reasonably priced at $29.95US and at this time, it’s a lifetime license, no annual renewal! You can get more information from my web site and then click on the Software link

Finally, a new and updated look to our logo and business card… see the web site or get a card from me when we next meet.