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Newsletter 4 – August 2003

So… we finally got summer… guess we could wait? So much for the rain, eh

Anyway, most have you have kept your computers out of trouble… good for you (though not always good for me)!

Viruses are still plaguing some of us, but, if you have good antivirus software, I still recommend Norton AntiVirus 2003 as the Premier Antivirus software out there. It has “Live Update” built in. This utility goes out to Symantec’s Virus Definitions update server and download the latest virus definitions to your system. As mentioned previously, you would want to also get to Live Update manually to download Program Updates from time to time.

SPAM … don’t you just hate it? I have “test driven” and purchased what I believe to be the best “anti-spam” software currently available. It’s called Spam Inspector (unfortunately it’s no longer available as of 15 Dec 2004). They have a 15 day trial version available. The software is available for $29.95US. They have an offer running just now for $19.95US. If you’re interested, go to their site and purchase it using Promotion Code SEP434EXT to get the $10.00 discount. You won’t be disappointed.

If your system is sluggish, you might want to check a few things…. Go to your Start button, select Accessories, then System Tools. Now select Disk Cleanup and get rid of those files that the program identifies (Temporary Internet Files, Temporary Files Old Chkdsk Files). Next, you can go back to the Start, Accessories, System Tools, and select Disk Defragmenter. Run this program on your drive. You’ll be surprised at the increase in performance… and the best part is… it’s free!

Do you have the need to transport files around (from one system to another) and the files are too big for a Floppy Disk. We have a great solution to this problem … Get yourself a USB Drive. It plugs into you USB port and looks like another (Removable) Drive. Relatively inexpensive at $100.00 for 128MB of portable storage.

Also, don’t forget that we have an excellent source of compatible Ink Cartridges and well as both Remanufactured and Refilled Laser Printer Toner Cartridges. Call for pricing.

We have redone our web site and it’s now showing all of our services and capabilities. Take a peek… (you’re here already)!

Until the next time… safe and trouble-free computing