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We have asked our clients (links to their web sites, if available, are in green) to provide us with a testimonial about their experiences with our services. Here are a few...

"As a solo entrepreneur, my technology support comes from one place only, Athol Cohen & Associates. His responsiveness and ability to solve my dilemmas is bar none. Without exception those I’ve referred to Athol have been equally delighted. Here’s to at least another 10 years of a great relationship"

- Heather Duff, Heather Duff Associates

"For most of my three decades in business, I've managed to keep just slightly in front of the technology curve. So, having an IT consultant who understands my need to keep ahead of the game is vital. Athol has been my computer magician.

My company works remotely, sometimes thousands of kilometres from base, so we need quick and innovative answers to IT issues. Not only does Athol fix problems quickly and at a fair price, he often suggests a better way to manage the issue. With Athol Cohen & Associates' input, our latest IT improvements have upped efficiency and helped cut office costs by half."

- Gordon Clarke, Prestige Furniture & Piano Restorations

"Athol Cohen & Associates provides our business with a high level of service and a quick response time to all our IT and related matters. They are fast and friendly.

They made it easy to upgrade our server. It was all completed over a weekend with very little employee downtime. They have done an excellent job of exceeding our expectations when resolving our IT problems.

Prior to working with Athol's company we did not fully understand how we might improve the efficiency of our business. They have been a catalyst in us making the office more efficient through their combined business and IT perspectives. Now we are moving to a much more friend e-friendly office.

They also assist our office staff with understanding how to be more efficient with their processes. We really like their regular follow up to ensure our systems are working well. When they are not, they make every effort to get to the cause and resolution of the problem rapidly. "

- Carl & Jordan Rumanek, Rumanek & Company

"I have found Athol to be incredibly responsive, really knows his stuff and is relatively inexpensive. He has helped me with software problems, networking problems, hardware problems and e-mail and internet challenges , including creating a basic web presence. Many of these have been urgent problems that have left me dead in the water. He usually is with me within a couple of hours when I call. He seems to resolve the issues quickly and is reasonably priced."

- Michael Hepworth, TRE - Marketing Entrepreneur

"Athol has been our computer and IT guru for more than 4 years exclusively. He handles all of our computer and IT needs. His expertise and quick response time gives us peace of mind and is instrumental to our daily business operations. Using the services of Athol Cohen and Associates is like having an in-house IT department. "

- Carmen Dodaro, CD Sonter Ltd

"When you're running a small business and your tools don't work when you need them, you're lost. That's how I met Athol - I was on a deadline but he arrived quickly, assessed and sorted out my immediate problems. He then went on to work with me to network my computers and suggest adjustments that would make it easier for me when I worked from a remote client location as well as ways I might prevent future 'disasters'. The best bit about Athol is that I know I can call him pretty much anytime, so I no longer feel I am potentially at the mercy of my computer. One less thing to worry about."

- Peta Lomberg, The Lomberg Network

"When you are looking for an IT service provider – one’s looking for reliability, competence and particularly, as far as the internet is concerned “speed of service” when inevitable problems occur. I have being using Athol to manage all my IT requirements for the last 7 years and rate him highly on all the criteria mentioned. I find him a pleasure to deal with”. “ On occasions – when under pressure – Athol can be a little "testy” – but hey – we all have our faults."

- Tim Rooney, Rooney Earl & Partners

"Athol Cohen & Associates and their team have provided our company with reliable and prompt service for the past 4 years as our IT Service Provider.

We now have a secure backup system, internal office networking, up-to-date accounting programs, and all other necessary technical software and hardware in running an efficient office.

Since relying on Athol and his team for computer support our company has grown more efficient, we are better organized within our office network and are very confident that when an issue does and has surfaced Athol and his team has always been prompt and professional in finding a solution and providing the highest quality of service. They are very dependable and accessible and successfully resolve any issues within a very short time frame and at a very affordable rate.

We would highly recommend Athol and his team of associates to handle all technically related issues pertaining to the operation of your business.

- Maria Saunders, Winchester Financial Group

"I'm no longer worried that my computer will crash on me. Why? Because Athol installed a CD ROM Writer Backup System for me... and taught me how to use it properly. A week later he came back to make sure that the data could be recovered if there were a disk crash. You can't get better service than that! Great! I'm one grateful customer."

- Darlene Sacks, Bookkeeping with Integrity

"Our computer systems are critical tools for our practice and downtime impacts our productivity, as it does most businesses today. When we encounter a problem, it's important for us to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible and Athol's company has come through for us on those occasions.

We chose Athol Cohen & Associates for their responsiveness and understanding of our business needs and their ability to quickly assess the problem and provide a rapid resolution to the problem.

They provide excellent value and have taken excellent care us as a client. They also provide appropriate and cost-effective recommendations when it comes to operating systems, software, hardware and peripherals."

- Michael Kaplan, Kaplan Talkins LLP

"Everyone should have an "Athol" in their life – especially those who are self employed. As principal of my own consultancy, I rely on my technology to work because if it doesn’t then neither do I!

For the last 8 years I’ve counted on Athol's company to keep my computers humming and on countless occasions he’s helped get me out of a jam when my technology has failed me -- which tends to happen at the most inconvenient times. Athol is always a call away. He’s courteous, capable and dependable.

He’s an indispensable professional in my network of trusted advisors, the folks whom I can count on for great service."

- Eileen Chadnick, PCC, ABC Big Cheese Coaching