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Remote Access

Have you ever needed to or wished you could get to your computer when away from your office?  We can help you!

There are a number of Remote Access Applications available that you can use to share files and other peripherals, like printers.  These remote access applications can also allow access to your computer desktop easily.

There are two “tools” that we recommend, install and configure for clients who have such requirements.

The first is 01 Communique’s I’m in Touch.  This annual subscription-based software permits you to connect to your computer from any remote location, as long as you have an Internet connection and a web browser, like Internet Explorer.  This tool also allows you to move files to and from your office system as well as, in most instances, print to a printer at your remote location.

Try I’m in Touch Free for 30 days – Click here to download.

The I’m in Touch software does all the necessary routing through your firewall and provides 128-bit encryption so your system is kept safe and secure.

The other method we use and configure is Remote Access using Windows XP Professional and later versions, like Vista Business and Windows 7 Professional.

Built into all versions of Windows XP and up is Remote Desktop Connection.  This is used to establish the remote connection but does require specific ports on your router to be configured and your network adaptor to be correctly configured with a static IP address.