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Improving System Performance
Performance of systems degrade over time, mainly due to fragmentation of the files on the Hard Disk as well as the collection of dust and lint (dust bunnies) inside the case.  This collects around the processor (CPU) heat sink and power supply because of the airflow through the case.  This causes heat build up in the CPU and failure of power supplies.  When this happens, the CPU slows down so as to lower the heat generated.  Heat is also the worst enemy of electronic components.

In order to deal with the above two items you may want to do two things.
1.  Run the Windows Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter utilities
2.  Get the system cleaned regularly.  The best way is to removes the covers and use a high pressure air stream to blow out the collection of dust and lint.  We use a compressor that develops over 100 pounds of air pressure to do the job.  The little aerosol cans of “air” available really don’t do much so save your money!

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