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Data Recovery

The need for data recovery – when your backup or more specifically, your restore fails, there are options.

If you did not have a rigorous backup process protecting your data, or as sometimes happens with computers, the “gremlins” crept in and “poof” your data’s gone!  If that data is essential to your business or your memories, we can help.

Before you do any more damage to a suspected defective hard drive, turn your system off and call us.  We will pick up the system or drive and bring it in to our shop for evaluation.  We have had reasonable success in extracting data from a drive in which there had been a “disk boot failure.”

When we are unable to help because the damage may be more severe than we are able to work on, we can deliver the drive to Taking it Mobile, our preferred data recovery lab.  They have extensive knowledge, expertise and tools and are specialists in data recovery.

Because of our relationship with Taking it Mobile Data Recovery, we get preferred turn-around time on data recovery cases handed to them.

Although data recovery services are not inexpensive, the comparative costs of recreating the data (if this is even possible) far exceeds the cost of data recovery services.

Their services include data recovery from hard disk drives, tape backup systems, USB key drives and other types of removable media.

Reminder: If you suspect a failed drive with critical data stored on it, turn off the system and call us to give you an evaluation.