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So you have a computer and you need to keep it running.  What suggestions can we offer you so that you don’t end up frustrated and worse yet, loose important data?

Here are some suggestion and recommendations that may save you time, aggravation and money.

Use good AntiVirus.  Speak to a dozen different computer support people and you’re likely to get 15 different recommendations on the best AntiVirus to use.  Our choice, based on experience in the field is AVG AntiVirusAntiVirus.  We don’t believe it’s necessary to purchase the Internet Security versions of ANY AntiVirus products, even if you choose a product other than AVG.  If your Windows is up to date, and we do recommend that you keep up to date with all available downloads (Windows Update) you are less likely to encounter intrusions like spyware and viruses.  Also, keep your AntiVirus definitions and programs up to date.

We are often questioned by our clients about why they should buy AntiVirus software when they can get it for free.  Here’s the answer we tend to give…

Firstly, you get what you pay for!  The free versions give you basic protection against viruses, but you really need much more.  The other consideration is that with a program like AVG (which is our antivirus of choice) it will cost you around $60.00 for 2 years of AVG Professional protection.

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