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Virus Removal

We can help with the removal of a computer virus.  This page deals with the reasons why the virus got into your computer in the first place.  Remember, prevention is better than cure, and generally less expensive.  We also cover AntiVirus programs that we need to protect our computers from the viruses so you won’t need our Virus Removal assistance.

There are a number of definitions of computer viruses (virus for the purposes of this description). In essence, a virus is a small program that is designed to hinder the performance of the computer. In general, these viruses are more of a nuisance and are disruptive more than they are destructive. That said, the really bad ones have been known to delete data from your system.

Most often, they are used to send email from your system or to send data back to the originator of the virus.
Viruses can be disguised as attachments in images, greeting cards, or audio and video files. A number of sites that share music and video files in a peer-to-peer (P2P) environment with little or no control over what is placed or downloaded are good sources of viruses.

To minimize the risk of picking up viruses, it is essential that you keep your computer current with the latest updates and use good antivirus tools. Keep up to date on what’s happening in the world of computer viruses.
When surfing the Internet, use caution when clicking links and read and understand what the link is offering you.

When you receive an email, make sure that you know the sender and if there is an attachment, it’s always a good idea to save this attachment, and scan it with your antivirus program to ensure it is virus-free before opening it.

If you do pick up a virus, you may want to contact us to help remove it (when possible), before your system is contaminated.

What about the antivirus programs you are using? Here are some recommendations:
Buy the software. The free ones are “okay.” But the paid programs are better! Remember, you invariably get what you pay for!

We use and recommend Professional AntiVirus over the others that are available. We are asked why we make this recommendation so favourably. It’s really simple. It is a small payload; it is very effective; it does not impede the system performance.  In a nutshell – it just works!

Ask us for more information and the costs associated with getting on your computers.